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This is my 2nd Mustang

I traded a friend of mine! He wanted the red car and I wanted his white car!
This car was found in junkyard with a blown 2.3L four and ratted out interior! It was stripped to the shell and reborn.

  The rebuild begins...
Once stripped it got:
Complete '91 GT interior, grey
All power options, even seats
'88 5.0L engine w/ 78K on it
'93 World class T-5 trans
'90 GT suspension & brakes
'93 8.8" rear w/ 3.55 gears
'93 Cobra tailights
Harwood cowl hood
Aluminum driveshaft
CCM 190lph in tank pump
MAC underdrive pulleys
MSD Blaster coil
MSD 8.5mm Wires
3-core radiator
Crane 1.72 roller tip rockers
BBK Headers
BBK off road h-pipe
Flowtech terminator mufflers
ROH ZR6 wheels, 16x8 w/ Z rated rubber
Motorsport "King Cobra clutch"
Pro 5.0 shifter
Chrome valve covers
HPM Subframes
Jamex springs
Phenolic spacer
Polyurethane sway bar & offset rack bushings

Just after it was completed, it ran a 14.2 at 98mph
at Southwestern Raceway(3100ft) through stock mufflers
  On a rainy day, I crashed
I replaced the front end with an '86 GT front & Cervinis Stormin normin hood.

This car was still titled as a 4cyl car--CHEAP INSUARNCE AND CHEAP REGISTRATION!!!!
  After I bought the Firebird, I didn't drive the Mustang much. So I sold it back to the original owner
He gave it to his little brother and he is still beating the hell out of it to this day. Its got 140K on the junkyard motor and it goes to the dragstrip all the time!