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Firebird does 12s! Ran 12.46@113 in early '04.

Lookin' for 12.0s next time with a new clutch.

04/02---GTP dynos 233fwhp, thats 291hp at the crank

GTP is sold as of 04/04, it was starting to fall apart. Traded it in on an '02 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab w/ a V6.

The new engine is done!! Got 100 miles on it before the tranny went!

Dynoed 340rwhp/372rwtq with 4.5psi and a stock motor, hoping to top that with the blowerless new engine.

Does 350rwhp/339rwtq with new motor on conservative "summer" tune-7/03


Working on some updated pics of the 'bird.


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Thats the motor...

355ci, cammed & stuff.

Thats the car(04/01)

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