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Vehicles past & present

Rides-past & present

Current rides are '95 Firebird, '00 Hombre', '02 Frontier, and '04 Kawasaki Vforce.

My 1st Mustang- 1991 LX 5.0 A4- (6/98)

My 2nd Mustang- 1988 LX 5.0 M5- this used to be a 4 cyl. car!(9/98)

Had this '99 Dakota R/T 5.9 for a while- not fast at all.(2/00)

October '99-just got the Firebird

17x9.5 &17x11 Chrome ZR1s(4/01)

On the Dyno at ProDyno(4/02)

June '04

Motor-355ci, cammed & stuff.(6/04)


'00 Hombre'-2/3 drop, 17" ROHs, 255/50/17s, roll pan.(6/04)

Another of the Hombre' (6/04)

'02 Frontier Crew Cab-stock as a rock(wife's truck) 6/04

The Nissan again(6/04)

My '04 Kawasaki VForce 700(6/04)

Has full exhaust, intake, and clutch mods(6/04)

NOS install on my Grand Prix (05/02)

BIG improvment, my downpipe for the Grand Prix

Scanmaster install GP(05/02)

No motor (07/02)

My old Kawasaki JS440 jetski(05/00)

Firebird 06/04